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I've lead an interesting life; sometimes I think it is two lives. My wife and I have now been together going on 30 years. We have lived in Florida, Colorado, Guam, Virginia, Seattle, and now reside in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Additonally, I grew up in Ohio and lived in Dallas for a summer, and spent many years in the Florida Keys before returning to school to get my degree in Geology.

I have been a laborer, carpenter, macon, cartographic technician, geophyscist, software developer, development manager and IT project manager.

After 20 years of our old life, we started a new phase - parents. We now have a 7 year-old son who was born here in Neuchatel Canton. This is my current occupation: Pere de Foyer (father of the house) where I shuffle our son off to school, and make an attempt to keep things from looking too shabby. This is not easy because I am easily distracted by computers and cameras :-)

I have been interested in photography for most of my life and until recently, shot most of my photos in B&W with various Nikon cameras. In the spring of this year (2007) I took 4 rolls of B&W film to the lab. The cost including the original film was 250.- CHF or about $200. This convinced me it was time to go digital.

Now I no longer have to be conservative in taking pictures; well sort of. I have been know to take 600 pictures in a day so the 7 gigbytes of storage needs to increase. But I no longer have to think "is this picture worth 1,50.- CHF to shoot".

In addition to photography and parenting, I enjoy riding my bike and did a self-supported bicycle tour of the Loire River valley this summer (2007). My Loire tour is documented (work in progress) at my site

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