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Hi there! :-)

First of all I'd like to thank all of you for viewing my photos and for making comments on them. I started paying more attention to how and what I shoot around the middle of 2008, so I'm actually still in my learning phase (will it ever end?!). I have seen quite a lot of photos that are very inspiring and useful to learn from, especially when they are undermined by comments of the photographer about how (s)he's made them.

As for me, I believe I was born in the wrong country (probably like many of you :-)). I have been lucky to see the differences among many countries in Europe, but I'm mostly and absolutely enchanted by Norway: the people, the language, the nature and the Nordic lighting conditions of course ;-). But in fact I love all of Scandinavia, where I just need to keep returning to. Another love of mine is the Netherlands, because of its architecture (especially Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities) and its artistic history. I haven't been outside Europe yet, but one day I must see Japan, Tibet, Africa (maybe Uganda) and so many other countries in the world. I'm typical Pisces by the way: I love the feel of freedom and I'm a soul whose home is the road :-).

Thank you so much, TrekEarth, for that the site actually exists and for all of You that share all those happy, sad, humorous and interesting moments from every single corner of the Earth. Stunning planet this is, isn't it? ;-) Just view a completely different country on the website every 10 minutes, admire the beauty of these differences and imagine that it's only one planet in the universe. Too bad that we, humans, are so tiny and mortal, isn't it? ;-)

Alright now, take care!

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