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When I was like 10 years in age, my Dad sent me to get a role loaded in our camera for our annual photo session for my family. On my way home, I wanted to make sure that the shop owner did not trick me. So I opened the camera to check. I was so happy the film was indeed loaded.
Yes! I did not think I should tell that to my Dad, and we had a photo session.
And now you know the rest of the story. Next week when the film was developed, I
got a good licking from my Dad.

I worked as a cleaner for an Art & Magazine Department to help pay for tuition at the college in Canada. One night my Boss came around and decided to train me as a lab technician for his lab and worked me into being a photographer. He gave me 50 roles of film and a camera with a job description….I finished my schooling doing this on the side for three years.
I picked up a camera in a garage sale for $1.00. And that is how I started.

I worked in Canada as a photo-journalist for a magazine for few years. Then in the US as a professional doing Portraits & commercial photography along with graphics for some companies for another few years, and now doing professional photography in India…and don’t know how long I will do this here.
My present portfolio include:
Commercial Photography/Graphic Designing/Web Designing/and other related works.
You may see my works at
My Personal Website
And some of my works is posted on
Web Photographers

Thank you for visiting my pages and sending

David Phillips
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Canon EOS 30D, Nikon Coolpix 990, Olympus E-10, Olympus Evolt 300

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