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I am very new to photography. My Dad got me into it when he moved to England. My Dad and I are learning together (although I must say he is a bit better than me but he has been doing it for a bit longer.)
My Dad actually has his own Trek Earth account and he is the one who introduced me to this site. His account name is rgarrigus if ya ever want to look him up. (DO IT!) Anyway, I love to just go out and take pictures. It is very fun and I am looking forward to doing it for a long time. Right now I am using a Fujifilm Finepix S7000 which I got for Christmas. It is a good camera and I love it. I am not so sure what type of Photography I want to settle with but I am liking a lot of the expirimental photographs some people have taken like Micheal Frye. I will probably get a TL and a TN account while I am at it but for now I will stick to this site. I do have another photo site called Deviantart but I wasn't getting enough comments on it so I switched. Also I loved important tips. PLease do not just say "Great Shot" If you say "Great Shot" tell me why so I will continue to do that and if you do not like the shot tell me what would I need to do to improve it. Workshops are good!

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