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Fields of Poland
Fields of Poland (2)
Trip Date:2005-07-30 - 2005-08-02
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Countries visited:Lithuanie, Pologne, Slovaquie
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About a year ago, in winter of 2004/2005 we decided to travel for our yearly home-returns to Croatia Via Baltica. This, if you live in Finland, means that you will travel at least to Poland through three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

So off we went. We started early in the morning of 30.07. We took a Ekero Line ferry "Norlandia" and crossed the bay of Finland. We skipped Tallinn as we have seen it quite many times already. The landscapes were smooth with small farms in the middle of the fields. Nice thing was getting through all the different border controls. A lot of changing colors.

We had the first stop in Kaunas. A marvelous city. We really enjoyed it. We continued into Poland, and then faced a first negative experience. That bloody EU is fixing Via Baltic road, so there is quite many parts where there is no road at all.

Second night we slept in Katowicze (I hope I spelled it correct) after going through some forest road to get there. That was unforgetable and interesting as well. Next morning we went to check Krakow for a couple of hours. Nice to see that you can within one square have three times the difference in price of cappuccino. But, it sure is a beautiful city.

After Poland we entered Slovakia through the Tatra mountains and had an excellent lunch in a place with a very nice and old tower (I forgot the name though - idiot!). It took us all day for Slovakia (lunch is to blame!). It was already dark when we came in Hungary and then into Croatia so there are no pics of them here.