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The church of Hobbiton
The church of Hobbiton (32)
Trip Date:2008-06-27 - 2008-08-01
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Countries visited:Islande
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Day one: Flight from Paris to Reykjavik (late...), arrival about 12h. We bought some food and let's go to Esja. We exit the great Reykjavik area, and the nature really began to show its wonders. But the map was not precise enough, and we try a "short-cut" which was in fact a wrong way... We finally arrived at the foot of Esja
Day 2 : to a campsite on the north of Esja mountains. It was a very windy day, and we lacked water. We asked a man in a little house, and he gave us some cider :)
Day 3: till Botnsdalur and Glymur. It was the first real sightseeing of our trip, and it was amazing!!! Then we continued to Thingvellir through the Leggjabrjotur, but we get lost (again) and we finally arrived at midnight (fortunately there was still light in the sky!!!)
Day 4: We take the bus Thingvellir-Geysir-Gullfoss. We try to find a shop but there was not many things in it... We try to cross the Hvita river, but it was difficult, and so we go south to find a bridge and then go back north on the other side.
Day 5: We cross a desert from Gullfoss to Haifoss, but because of a storm it was difficult to continue walking. Fortunately two cars passed there and brought us to a campsite near Haifoss, where a "hobbit's house" waited for us...
Day 6: It was a sunny day so we could go back to Haifoss!!! The warden brought us to Hrauneyjar. But there, the Spregisandur track was still closed, and so there was no bus to Landmannalaugar. We stay there for the night.
Day 7: We walked to Landmannalaugar but a tourist bus took us because of the terrific weather. Hot bath!
Day 8: Little walk in Landmannalaugar, and then to Ljotipollur and back again.
Day 9: The 3 first step of the Laugavegur (Landmannalaugar-Emstrur). We met some people we had met in the bath, there were surprised we walked so fastly!!
Day 10: Continuing till Thorsmork and then to Skogar by Fimmvörðuháls.The end of the hike was really foggy!
Day 11: waterfalls of the Skoga river (not visible because of the mist the day before) and go to Vik by car
Day 12: Take a break in Vik (but a little walk around),
Day 13: Walk till the desert between Vik and Kirkjubaejarklaustur. We took a wrong way (we lost the map in the storm on day 5) and had to cross numerous torrents (I nearly got drown...)
Day 14: Arriving in Kirkjubaejarklaustur, little walk around (Systrafoss and Kirkjugolf)
Day 15: go to Fagrifoss and back again.
Day 16: go to Nupsstadur, we camped at the foot of Lomagnupur
Day 17: to Skaftafell (we had little courage this day, we wait for the bus)
Day 18: One day in the park.
Day 19: 60km to Jökulsarlon and a wonderful sunset (about midnight). A nice couple gave us coffee when they saw us (they noticed us in the morning far away)
Day 20: bus till Egilsstadir
Day 21: Bus to Skutustadir and walk to Reykjalid (we saw Dimmu Borgir, Höfdi, Hverfell...)
Day 22: break in Reykjalid. Little Bath in "Myvatn Natural Bath". We met two french girls who decided to go with us the day after.
Day 23: We walked till Krafla, then we took a bus to Dettifoss and walk in Jökulsargljufur to the campsite of Vesturdalur.
Day 24: We hiked to Asbyrgi, and took a bus to Husavik
Day 25: Whale watching in Husavik, bus to Akureyri
Day 26: We believed the flight was this day but in fact it was the day after... We spent the day in Akureyri (I bought another memory card for my Canon)
Day 27: Nice flight to Isafjordur
Day 28: boat to Hornvik (the morning boat was canceled because of the wind), and we looked at the waterfalls around the bay.
Day 29: To Hornbjarg cliff. Then Boat to Isafjordur
Day 30-32 walk till Dynjandi. Sometimes the road was too sinuous, and we tried to take shortcut. But the 2nd day, the shortcut was a very steep slope covered with ice. I have never been so fast!!! :) We climb to the waterfall on the evening and I take some of my favourites pictures.
Day 33 till Brjanslaekur and ferry to Stykkisholmur.
Day 34 In Brjanslaekur, we did not find bikes to explore the peninsula... Nice sunset on the evening
Day 35 Bus to Reykjavik, one day in the main city of Iceland.
Day 36 Reykjavik, blue lagoon, and come back to France