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As an introduction (13)
Trip Date:2009-01-31 - 2009-05-30
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Countries visited:Danemark, Suède
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As I was supposed to do an internship in a foreign country, I choosed Lund in Sweden, because of their "famous" department of theoretical chemistry.
But, it is also because of the sweden, as I really like scandinavian countries. The people there have always respected their environement. These are the rare places in Europe where we can still see Nature, really Nature. And even their cities are nice, not overcrowded, but with a lot of parks, green places ...
Lund is a nice example of that. This is a quite great city (11th of Sweden in respect to its population), with a big university, but no great building everywhere, instead of that, a nice little city full of history, with wide avenues, for cars, bikes and walker, lot of green areas...
This is a sum up of my touristic excursions:
Arrival in Copenhagen airport on saturday january the 30st, and then to Lund in train.
Visit of Copenhagen the 14th of February with my girlfriend Marie-Céline (MC82), who came from France to see me.
Visit of Stockholm from 17th to 19th, again with Marie-Céline. Cold days (for us) but very nice city. I hope I will return there!
The internship is still in progress... See for my picture!