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Keeping the Faith
Keeping the Faith (10)
Trip Date:2003-09-05 - 2003-09-12
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Countries visited:Ukraine
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Just to make it fun, I decided to fly by RyanAir to Berlin, and catch trains for the rest of the journey. This actually sorked out cheaper than flying direct. (RyanAir flight £70 return). This also gave me the opportunity to visit Warsaw, which I'd been wanting to see for ages. I arrived on the sleeper from Berlin at about 6.30, and left on the Kiev sleeper that evening at 2200. One apsect fothe journey which was fun, was changin guage at the Polish Ukraine border, where the each coach was lifted on to a new set of bogies. But I didn't get any shots of it in the middle of the night. Lviv is a spectacularly beautiful city.